Cheap dental implants. Lifetime guarantee. Starting at 390£.

Cheap dental implant 390£

We know you are craving for a perfect smile. And we know we can give it to you! And it is so easy for you to have the perfect smile and save huge money.

Why do you think so many britons go abroad for dental care every year?
Because they save a lot of money, and that’s where they can get dental treatment

We have treated more than 1000 patients only in the last 3 years using more than 5000 implants with a 99.5 rate of succes.

Your local doctor will give you for the exact same implant, same procedure and same materials a cost of over 1400£.

Contact us now and save 1000£ for each implant.

Time required for having affordable/cheap dental implants treatment

The latest technology allows us to place implants and crowns in one visit. Immediate loading implants, as they are known to our patients, have the ability to be placed in the bone WITHOUT SURGERY, PAIN OR WAITING. No healing time is necessary for these implants, so the crowns will be placed in a matter of days.

– perfect esthetics
– saves time (6 months healing time not necessary)
– can be placed where little bone is left
– indicated for patients suffering of diabetes

A complete assessment in our clinic will determine if you are a candidate for immediate loading implants. If not, the 2 stage implants will be your option.

In most cases two four to seven days visit will be enough to complete the treatment.

  • Visit no.1: implant planning and placement

– Free OPG x-rays and specialist consultation will be performedRomexis computerized dental implant planning
CBCT scan will be performed, followed by the specialists analysis. The most advanced software in the world produced by PLANMECA (Finland) will be used for virtual  placement of the implants in your jawbone.
– Surgery preparation follows, with sedation at your choice (IV sedation and nitrous oxide sedation-laughing gas-assisted by specialist, local sedation). The surgery lasts from 30 minutes for one implant to a few hours, depending on the complexity. During surgery you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.
– Stiches are being removed a few days later.
– Temporary teeth will be placed.

  • Visit no.2: fitting your new teeth!

    – Depending on the implant bone integration process, 3 to 6 months later your second visit will be required. Usually, the longer the period passed between the two visitis, the better.
    – Your new teeth will be put in place and you’re ready to SMILE!

Are dental implants abroad right for me?

A good general health makes you the right person for dental implants. In particular, gum health, sinusal anatomy and jawbone thickness will be factors that will influence our doctors Sinus lift and bone grafting weather you are suitable for dental implants or not.

Often, implants are placed after grafting artificial  bone in the areas where implants will be placed or after performing sinus lift surgery if needed.

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