We know that finding a reasonable priced dentist in UK or Ireland is actually impossible.
You can chose NHS dentistry, but that means you accept poor quality dentistry, still overpriced.
You deserve more. Why settle for less? Why have dentures when you can have dental implants?
Only a 3 hours flight separates you from the real affordable dentistry, performed at the highest standards in Europe.
Read about all the success stories that will give you the power TO DO IT!

Who are we?

We are a dental clinic in Romania, where a team of 12 highly trained doctors, all speaking fluent english, will give you the smile back, for less than a third of the price in UK or Ireland.
With more than 15 years of experience, we use state of the art technology and modern facilities, for your safety and comfort.
Weather you are looking for high quality dental implants, dental crowns, full bridges, dentures, veneers or aesthetic treatments, Dentesse is the right choice for you.
Our mission is to put back the smile on your face for meny years to come.

Treatment Abroad acredited dental clinicTreatment Abroad acredited dental clinic in Romania

Dentesse in a acredited dental clinic by the world’s number one organisation in dental tourism and business practices TreatmentAbroad.com

Affordable / Cheap dental implants

World’s most recognized dental implant brands are available in our clinics: Nobel Biocare, Bredent, Straumann, MIS. Starting at the incredible price of 390£ each.
Our clinics are ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV NORD CERT, for quality control and safety offered to our patients.

No hidden fees policy!

We are completely transparent when it comes to treatment plans and price quotation and we give you time to decide on every aspect of your treatment.

Contact us now or request a callback. We will get back to you the same day.

Let our experts take care of your travel details. We will find cheapest flights and best accommodation.
Every patient booking our services online gets free limo pick-up from the airport and a free local cell phone, in order to stay in touch with us  at every moment.
A member of our staff will answer any questions for you regardless the day or time.