We are the proud owners of the world’s best CBCT scanner made by Planmeca (Finland) and Romexis implant planning software. This is the ultimate tool in dental implant procedure.Planmeca Promax 3D Mid CBCT

What does CBCT scan do?

Three-dimensional data generated by cone beam computed tomography offers a surgical view or slices of the entire field of view from the front, side and under the patient. Cone beam scans help determining bone structure, dimensions and density, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology; that in some cases may preclude the necessity for a surgical procedure.

This data is crucial for the succes of dental implants. Dental implants procedure becomes easier now. Our doctors will determine using the analysis and planning software what kind of dental implant fits best to your bone, considering it’s dimensions, density and nerves position.

The CBCT scan is also very useful in endodontics for determining root canal structure and positioning. Working together with the dental microscope, increases the rate of succes in root canal treatment to more than 98%.

How much radiation uses a CBCT?

Compared to a regular CT, CBCT uses up to 100 times lower radiation dose. This technology is now safer than ever.

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