Steps for having dental treatments abroad.

Step 1. Contact us or request a callback and get the price quotation

Give us all the information about the dental problems you have. Our team of doctors will discuss your problem and come up with a treatment plan and price quotation.

Step 2. Pick dates for travel and book flight and accommodation

We will help you find the cheapest and fastest flight available at the dates selected. Also we can recommend you proper accommodation for the time you will spend here. We have special rates negociated with hotels for our patients. Just let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Flights (departing from Luton airport):

Step 3. Arrival in Iasi/Bacau

At the airport (Iasi or Bacau, depending on the flights chosen) you will be met by one of our english speaking representatives. Don’t forget we offer free limo pick-up from the airport and complimentary local mobile phone to stay in touch with us 24/7.
We will drive you to your hotel, and after check in and some time to accommodate, we will take you to one of our clinics for the free initial assesement, x-rays and CBCT scan if necessary.

Step 4. Treatment

Our team of doctors will perform all necessary interventions in order to complete the treatment plan in the shortest time possible.